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  • 76' Stern Trawler - DR3717
  • 140' Freezer Trawler - DR3716
  • 38' Holland Lobster - LB3625
  • 44' 11in x 17' Novi Lobster
  • 140' Mid Water Trawler
  • 45' Guimond Lobster/Gillnetter LB3931
  • 68.5' Steel Trawler DR3944
  • 62' Fiberglass Longliner
76' Stern Trawler - DR37171 140' Freezer Trawler - DR37162 38' Holland Lobster - LB36253 44' 11in x 17' Novi Lobster4 140' Mid Water Trawler5 45' Guimond Lobster/Gillnetter LB39316 68.5' Steel Trawler DR39447 62' Fiberglass Longliner8
DR398185' Raised Foc'sle Stern Trawler
Built 1979 - CAT D398 (850 HP)
Price: $550,000
DR314884' Raised Foc'sle Stern Trawler
Built 1980 - CAT D-379 (560 HP)
Price Reduced to $800,000
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Our brokers coordinate inspections, surveys and haul outs.

Our brokers prepare all documents including purchase and sales agreements, closing documents and documentation.

Our brokers provide opinions of value and assist with establishing a marketable price for your vessel and or permits
We currently have Qualified Buyers for the following

- Federal Area 1 Lobster Permits
- Maine Built Lobster Boats
- New Jersey Fluke and Black Sea Bass Permits